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Recent Travel Compilation 

Y’all, I cannot fully express how fulfilling this work trip has been. In one short week I have gotten the chance to explore more of the world and I couldn’t be happier right now. Work last month was full of 28 very, very long days and I was extremely exhausted by the time I got home. So, I am so pleasantly surprised that this trip has been so lovely and full of excitement! Between having an amazing crew to wonderful new layover cities, I am 1000% satisfied with my travel/work life right now. (Until I get the next travel itch, of course!) So below are photos of my four main layover destinations of this past work-action. Enjoy!
Rota, Spain 

Orange trees and colorful, aged buildings lined the roads and every corner led us to elaborate churches, quaint cafés, and never ending cobblestones streets. I have a mini cherry waiting to be tried as this city is famous for it.

Nuremberg, Germany 

Fresh fruit and a picturesque city square over the river? What more can a girl ask for?

Nurenmberg is full of history so I couldn’t just explore the city. The last two photos are from the “Rally Grounds” that Hitler used to hold his speeches. It was a strange feeling to be where he once stood and to picture how dark and full of hate those times were. In reality, it was even stranger to feel as if there still is as much hate in recent times, towards anyone of color or diversity. I just hope we learn from history.

Tbilisi, Georgia

I’m happy to say that this was my second layover here and I didn’t let it go to waste. I showed my dear friend Alyssa around what I could remember and we found hidden new gems, including wall art and a beautiful secluded waterfall (we were the only people there!) Besides being momentarily harassed by gypsy children (it’s pretty bad in Tbilisi), we wandered around perfectly content aside from our aching feet. 

Washington D.C.

I finally got to check D.C. off my bucket list! (Of course I have one!) I have to say, I haven’t had a place exceed my expectations as much as D.C. did! I would have loved in a heartbeat if it was possible. We didn’t get to the museums this time, but I just know I will be back!

Also make sure you check out  “Luke’s Lobster” if you ever get a chance! It was heavenly and their crab grilled cheese, lobster bisque, and Mexicaine soda was all to die for!


I get to go home….eventually!

I am counting down the days until I’m headed back to Houston. It isn’t exactly “home” (south Texas is and Tampa feels more like a home than Houston), but I have a bed and all of my things in a brick house near the airport. Ah, my things. Does anyone else ever miss their stuff when they’re gone? I miss my pillows, my clean clothes, and all of my knickknacks that I’ve collected these past two years.
I am even excited to do the mundane list of errands like finally going to the dentist and doctor. Plus, I’m basically out of every toiletry item and my appearance is starting to show it. And, oh my gosh, I cannot wait to put on my retainer. I know it’s going to hurt like no other but one month is too long to not wear it! I learned my lesson never to forget it again!

So below is my, probably terribly boring to you, list of activities that I am excited for when I finally make it back to my temporary home of Houston, Texas. Ah, 5 more days.

  1. First, a deep, deep deep deep deep deep deep face wash.
  2. A much needed haircut.
  3. I might even treat myself to a mani pedi (god knows I need it)
  4. Buying all the items I’m out of (origins night cream specifically)
  6. Cleaning my room because, let’s get real, I left it a mess.
  7. A visit to half-priced books (yay)
  8. Developing my first roll of film!
  9. Trying on my new swimsuits!!
  10. The dentist appointment I’ve been rescheduling for months.
  11. A doctors appointment to figure out why I’m breaking out in hives so often.
  12. Ordering new contacts.
  13. Buying new curtains for my room. (I’m really trying to make it feel more home-y)
  14. Lounging around in my own bed (ahh)
  16. Spending all day outside (and not having to wear five layers and my huge red jacket)
  17. Spring shopping (my body is ready)
  18. And of course, hopefully seeing my dear sisters and the love of my life. Fingers crossed. I am so close to being homesick right now…but as long as I do my job correctly and stay focused on the end goal I’ll be alright. I can do it!

Xoxo Mary

P.s. Can spring hurry up and get here already?


A New Dawn


I was watching the scarlet sun burn its way over the horizon, turning the distant sky layers of peach and gold over the ivory shimmering water. I couldn’t help but think to myself that in this world, if ever it came to dust, if all mankind had stolen life from another and the earth was barren of civilization as we knew it, the dust would settle and the horizon would still burn strongly and brilliantly, fiercely making its way towards a new day and a new dawn. We just wouldn’t be around to see it, but we know, it would still be beautiful.


Bernkastel, Germany

Holy smokes what a day!

Hello, all! I hope everyone is doing really well! Today has been a ridiculously long day. It started out at 4AM German time to intense wind crashing against my window and snow/sleet falling. After breakfast, Laura, Per, and Teryn, my crewmembers and friends, decided to go for a little walk. To my surprise it was a walk down snow covered vineyards to the nearby quaint village of Bernkastel. The town is very popular in the summer for its many vineyards and boat cruises on the Middle Mosel river. Cobble streets are filled with tiny boutiques and cafés. The buildings are really quite old, one from 1490 to be exact. Try and picture that! As Laura said, Bernkastel is exactly how you would picture a German town to be, especially down to the decorum. The town has a huge down period in the winter so we basically had the entire center to ourselves. It was a pleasant afternoon walk full of much needed fresh air with wonderful friends. Continue reading


A Formal Expression of Intention (2017 Resolutions)

Now that the holiday festivities have ended and I can finally breathe again, I have had time to sit down and jot down a *final* list of my resolutions for 2017. Now, I have to admit, I was never very good at math, but I am obsessed with my own financial numbers. I love watching my high interest savings account grow every month from just the interest alone and fluctuating numbers and trends greatly interest me. So for the new year I have strongly focused on maturing financially (as I mentioned previously).

Today Luca and I sat in his room and discussed money, investments, and ways to reach our goals without giving up Everything we enjoy in life. I want to have a life full of travel and a fantastic life savings account, including zero student debt, extra money for my family, and enough to support my hobbies (and shoes  ’cause let’s get real).

So below are what I’ve come up with as of now; I say this because life is ever changing and expanding and I can rearrange and add to those goals that I have already set.  Continue reading