A Very Luca Christmas

So appropriately titled as this post is about my week of pre-holiday fun with Luca with a whole bunch of photos of and with the star himself.

Luca and I try and see each other at least every two to three weeks. The worst it has been was a little over a month with very conflicting schedules. It doesn’t sound like a long time and it definitely isn’t when compared to those relationships that go months/years without seeing each other (specifically thinking of those deployed). I am very thankful that Luca chose the Coast Guard to go into- it gives him the chance to proudly serve his country and me the opportunity to see him more often. Still, because our visits are often short, we try and cram as many fun activities and date nights into the couple days we are given. This time however, we had seven whole days (with brief interruptions of his normal work day) to lounge around and fill our days with whatever we could come up with. Thankfully Luca always has a couple things planned and this time, so did I. Hint: it’s Christmas time!

I’ll let the photos do the talking for the most part. Trust me, there are a lot of them!

The day after I arrived Luca and I did a scavenger hunt around Tampa that he got on Groupon. I’m not normally one for scavenger hunts (especially if they involve running), but of course this guy can make anything fun. First up we visited the University of Tampa, which has a beautiful academic and administrative building, Plant Hall. For a brief second, I even considered enrolling! I was in charge of photo taking silly challenges that the hunt proposed (such as laughing with a random street sign and doing random yoga moves). Admittedly, there was a moment where we were completely stumped. Not because we were wrong, but because what we were looking for wasn’t there anymore! Tisk tisk tisk! The best part was definitely listening to a choir singing Christmas music while everyone walked around in shorts and t-shirts. Oh, Florida!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The aviation business rarely guarantees you holidays. Unfortunately, Luca has had to miss a couple of Christmases at home (and now I do, too). Thus, I found it incredibly important to ensure that this year he has the greatest Christmas possible. This started with our first tree! I will forever try and get a real tree. Fake ones hurt my soul in a profound way. Luca needed a tree in his apartment and coincidentally I was dying to decorate one. This wasn’t any other Christmas tree, though. This was/is our first tree together. I am an incredibly cheesy girlfriend (he’ll vouch for this) so I made sure to pull out all the Gouda on this process. We picked out the tree, lights, and ornaments together. Luca and I balance each other out really well, especially when it comes to spending money. I would have stayed there all evening if I could have and would have purchased every random ornament much to the woe of my wallet. He, on the other hand, makes decisions faster and smarter (very necessary when shopping with me). We decorated the tree slowly to the sweet sounds of peaceful Christmas songs and in the end, we had a beautiful first tree that we drank hot chocolate and watched Jingle All The Way in-front of. Oh, my heart.

Beach Bummin’, of course (“Winter”)

I am always eager to go to the beach. It doesn’t actually even matter in what weather. There is just something about the ocean that rejuvenates me. This afternoon was no different. For the first time in, honestly, the longest time I brought out my DSLR and I can’t really explain how good it felt. It must have been the incredible sunset that we witnessed or that I walked hand in hand with the love of my life. Maybe it was that I truly missed simply taking photos (it didn’t hurt that he’s incredibly good looking, too). Who knows, but I’m finally re-inspired and it feels so good. (continue scrolling for non-iphone photos)

And finally, our fancy date night. I will only write that any opportunity to see this guy in this shirt is a night worth documenting. Hubba hubba.

(Canon 6D)


Luca’s Christmas gift: Propel Coast Guard remote controlled helicopter. We had fun flying this little guy around the living room!



Track distance on land and/or laps in the pool (plus so many other awesome features) with the TomTom Spark watch!


Any day with this guy is a day well spent. From skydiving and Disney World to lounging in pajamas all day and eating Frosted Flakes for dinner, it is always a memorable time. (Also helps that we take a ton of selfies together) Till next time!

xoxo Mary R.


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