Taormina, Italy

Hello, all!

When fellow flight attendant and friend Mary-Kate told me I was going to need water shoes to get into the water I thought she was kidding. Alas, I quickly became thankful that I purchased a pair of awesome see-through booties (check them out at the bottom of this post!) when I witnessed how extremely rocky the beach is in Taormina. If you are planning on visiting soon, heads up! Still, I am content with every beach I get to touch down on. There was a moment when I was floating on my back led by the rhythm of the waves as I watched birds fly high above me. It was serene and everything I needed it to be. Below are tons of photos of this quick layover destination! I’m excited to continue exploring Italy’s coasts. This day was remarkable, from the perfectly sunny weather to snagging beach recliners right in front of the water, I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

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Anyone have any other recommendations on places to visit?

Cheers, all! Until next time!

-Mary Reyes


Capri, Italy 


Finally an Italy layover! After almost two years of being an international flight attendant, I finally got to experience a Naples layover. I only have a couple of “work” bucket list items to check off and visiting the island of Capri was definitely number one!

Josh, Sarah Bob, and I woke up early to catch the hour long ferry to Capri. There we had one mission, to get a private boat and tour around the island. This proved easy enough and in no time we were boarded up and introduced to our guide, Marco, the 22-year-old from Sorrento. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing as we set off on our tour. It felt like I was living in a movie- how could this be my life? Continue reading

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Recent Travel Compilation 

Y’all, I cannot fully express how fulfilling this work trip has been. In one short week I have gotten the chance to explore more of the world and I couldn’t be happier right now. Work last month was full of 28 very, very long days and I was extremely exhausted by the time I got home. So, I am so pleasantly surprised that this trip has been so lovely and full of excitement! Between having an amazing crew to wonderful new layover cities, I am 1000% satisfied with my travel/work life right now. (Until I get the next travel itch, of course!) So below are photos of my four main layover destinations of this past work-action. Enjoy! Continue reading


2016: Year of Travel Review


So this year has been ridiculously memorable. Both in the amazing, life changing way and in the heartbreaking, life changing way. I’m finishing out 2016 in Tampa with the love of my life and, as always, missing my family and friends. Hopefully 2017 is the year I can unite everyone together under one roof. Resolution! I will say though that in 2016 I finally learned how to manage my time between work, family, and Luca. It’s all about balance. Below are just a few highlights of my first full year of traveling as an international flight attendant. Times were sometimes rough (20+ hour working days, blah blah blah) but in the end, I have great stories of exploring new cities (Carnival in Rota, beer festivals in Osaka), checking off new countries on my list (Riding an elephant in Thailand, standing next to kangaroos in Australia, everything about Georgia), and making the very best out of every thing that got thrown my way (typhoons, plane delays, many missed flights). Yes, I still whined sometimes but in the end, everything worked out. It always works out. Continue reading


Osaka, Japan

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Hello all!

Here are a few snapshots of a wonderful layover in Osaka, Japan. Cass, Alyssa, and I started the day early and eager to explore as much as we could. All we really knew was the general destination as we purchased our tickets from the train station with the help of a friendly clerk. In fact, every single person we interacted with was incredibly nice and helpful, even those in the train station.

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Tonight I’m going to briefly write about something that I have struggled with for over a year now and something that I feel as if many people as well struggle with, some on a daily basis.

I’m going to talk about jealousy-goggles.

Sometimes I get very jealous. It’s hard not to when my every day involves watching co-workers on social media having the time of their lives on boats in Capri or walking around old towns in Romania. This month has been especially difficult as I’ve sat on reserve in Houston for what feels like a very long time (almost two weeks). But as I am now going back onto “Off days” and will soon be making my way back to my hometown where I can see my family, friends, and cats, I am forcing myself to look at my life with a different perspective. Instead of living with jealousy goggles, I am reflecting on the moments in my own life that I feel very fortunate to have experienced. It’s all about perspective. Sure, it sucks when you aren’t used for work, but it’s not always going to be sunshine and Tokyo.

This doesn’t just happen in the aviation business, but in every day life. With the huge constant presence that social media has in our lives, we are all infinity tied to one another (if we so choose to be). It is not uncommon for many of us, including myself, to start off our days reviewing Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. to see what in people’s lives we’ve missed overnight.

Being tied to one another’s social media accounts can be a good thing sometimes. It can be inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable just as a “Dream board” you would hang on your wall. I vision myself living the life of a successful travel writer, a determined creative director, and a creative, persistent photographer. I’ll scroll through feeds and see work that one day I hope to live up to.

The moment that becomes self-destructive is when we stop feeling inspired and turn our perspective into that of jealousy and resentment. The last two weeks have been an on going battle for me as I work to be okay with the situation I am currently in. For those that work 9-5 jobs, they may jealously look at those that post a new photo every day of a new place. For those that are constantly moving, they may jealously look to those that post about security and stability. The point is, one might want what the other has. One might want what many others have.

This post is mainly for myself as I have had to sit down, revisit old Facebook albums, and rethink my perspective on life. Yes, it has been slow for me for a little while, but no that does not mean that life stops. Really, it just took a reality-slap and a good, hard look at my past (and a look into my future) to finally feel okay with where I am again.

So, dear reader, if this makes any sense to you, and if you understand how I feel, listen when I say: Take off those damn jealousy-goggles. You have things that people want. You have goals to work for. Your life does not pause or stop because you don’t have it all. And, I think you’re pretty cool already. So make a list of things that make you proud; it doesn’t have to be full of fancy, expensive shit. It can be anything that makes you smile and makes you feel good for experiencing it.

Read more for mine. I’ve gotten to do cool shit outside work and because of work. I need to remember this more often

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